Adrian Ionut Cocian

Mobility type From To Period
Outgoing, Study
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Estonian University of Life Sciences
September 2021 - February 2022

My Erasmus+ experience at EMU (Estonian University of Life Sciences), Tartu, Estonia, started in early September and ended in January, next year.

Learning Experience

Most of the courses were held in a hybrid way, which means that we had courses on site, but also online. As for the learning process, it is based on a system in which at seminars we were divided into groups to solve some tasks and discuss them. For the practical part I went to farms, but I also had practical courses in college. In most cases we started experimenting with practical things on mannequins or other materials, but immediately after that we went to farms, or other places, to repeat them on real animals.

Campus - Accommodation and Other Facilities

If you choose to live in the dormitory, the Erasmus grant is enough for a decent living, but if you choose to rent an apartment, you will have to put extra money out of your pocket. During my mobility, the rent for the dorm was of 114 euros / month. As for the facilities in general, you have pretty much everything: shops (Rimi, Coop, Maxima), shopping centers (Tartu Kaubamaja, Quarter, Tasku) and malls (Louenaquesus), sports building (EMU sports building with 20 euros/month for the gym and sauna). Every day of the week until 15:00 the fields for football, badminton and other sports are free for EMU students. In the main building there is also the canteen, where you can buy food at decent prices. There is also the library, where, if you need to, you can book rooms just for yourself, one of them has a PC and another has a projector, and if you have a group activity you can use it.

The Human Experience

There are a lot of parties and social events organized mainly by ESN (European Student Network) Tartu, so you have to join their Facebook group to be continuously informed. Also, the student association quite often organizes events such as movie night. At Tartu are organized a lot of free sports events such as archery, skating and others, many for beginners, in order to encourage people to practice sports. At the Estonian National Museum, a course of Estonian culture is regularly organized, where you can learn a lot of things and get to know a lot of people from all over the world. PS: Estonians may seem cold at first, but once you get to be more familiar with them, they open up and are really friendly.


Around Tartu you also have plenty of places to hike, such as Ilmatsalu and Otepaa. You can go there using the free buses. If you have a public transport card, in Tartu you can use the blue buses for free (Tasuta means free of charge).

Erasmus+ Experience

I am very pleased that I had the opportunity to participate in this Erasmus mobility. It was a very cool experience, where I learned a lot of new things and met a lot of wonderful people from all over the world, to that I became friends with. I recommend this to anyone

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