Outgoing Teaching Assignment

General information

The application for the teaching assignment can be made only in the sessions announced by the Erasmus+ Office. During one academic year, it is possible to have maximum two mobility with financial support, if the budget allows it.

The application sessions are online. In order to apply please follow the link: https://forms.gle/hJCvUWBAFqFEfPjD6

Please check the program for the sessions with the Erasmus+ office.

If during the teaching assignment mobility, there are also other activities performed, there has to be a delimitation between Erasmus+ activities and other activity for the same period.

First time participation within Erasmus Program (regardless the action): 10 points

Involvement in Erasmus+ Program development: 90 points

Total points: 100 points

  • 1. Promote Erasmus+ Program among the students – 20 pct
  • 2. Promote Erasmus+ Program among academic staff - 20 pt
  • 3. Academic responsible for Erasmus+ mobilty - 10 pct
  • 4. Member in CRID Committee - 10 pct
  • 5. Member of implementing teams for Erasmus+ Projects - 10 pct
  • 6. Activities which lead to new Interinstitutional agreements - 10 pct
  • 7. Other activities - 10 pct

Information about financial support

The grant represents a financial help for travel and subsistence purposes which may differ depending on the country. The grant for travel is based on the "distance calculator band" made available by the European Committee.

For details, please contact Erasmus+ Office