For Outgoing Students

Eligibility criteria

  • The student is enrolled in USAMV at one of the programs:
    • Undergraduate
    • Master
    • PhD Program
  • Has linguistic knowledge

Study mobility – General Information

  • Can be done only at one of the partner university in Erasmus+, (please check the list of the Erasmus+ agreements), it is not recommended to apply for a mobility in the country of residence,
  • The mobility may be for one semester or one academic year,
  • Students enrolled in the first year, undergraduate level can apply for a study mobility which will start in the second year.

Traineeship Mobility – General Information

  • Can be done at any public or private organizations in any EU member country (including ONG, embassy) except the country of residence,
  • The minimum period for the traineeship is 2 months (60 days minimum) and maximum one academic year (10 months),
  • For the traineeship mobility designed for recent graduates, can be done within one year after the graduation, the students must apply within the last year,
  • International students are not eligible to apply for a mobility designed for recent graduates.
  • The total period for an Erasmus+ mobility for a student/level, can not be higher than 12 months (24 months for veterinary medicine).

Useful Information


  • All the students accepted must have European Health Insurance Card.
  • For the traineeship mobility, besides the European Health Insurance Card they must have liability insurance.


  • For both of mobility types, the students benefit of EU funds as grant, amount based on subsistence rate, rate which may differ depending on country and type of mobility,
  • The grant is transferred to the personal student bank account, before the mobility starts (80%) and after the mobility is over (20%) (see check list),
  • The grant is recieved for the days of activity at the host university/organization (excluding travel dates before and after the mobility).

Language requirements

  • The students accepted for an Erasmus+ mobility must respect the language request of the host university/organization.

  • Online Lingvistic Support

  • All accepted students will have to take an online language test, before the mobility starts and one at the end of the mobility (the second test is taken only by the students who obtained less than C2 at the first test). The online test is compulsory for all participants.

  • All students/recent graduates who obtained have less than B2 automatically receive an online, free, language course.

Documents to apply

  • Proof of enrolment,
  • Copy of national ID/residence permit/passport.

Recognition outcome

The results obtained by the students in Erasmus+ mobility are validated by CRID.


Before the mobility

  • Learning agreement signed by all three parts involved
  • Financial contract (be sure you have one original copy)
Learning Agreement - Study
Learning Agreement - Traineeship
Recent graduate - Guarentee contract

During the mobility

  • Arrival certificate (pay attention to the date in the financial contract)
  • Changes of the initial Learning agreement (if necessary)
Arrival Certificate
Request for Prolongation

End of the mobility

  • Certificate of attendance (original)
  • Transcript of records (original)
  • Outcome recognition catalog
  • Monthly report for traineeship
  • Certificate of attendance

In order to receive the rest of the grant, please make sure you have completed the online survey (link on your email) and you have finalized the OLS language tests.

Certificate of attendance - Study
Certificate of attendance - Traineeship
Monthly Report for Traineeship
Transcript of Records - Study
Outcome Recognition - Traineeship
Outcome Recognition - Study