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Erasmus+ General information

Student mobility are available for all the domains. In order to insure the quality of the mobility, with a maximum impact on the students, it is recommended to have a certain level of compatibility with the study program and the needs of personal needs development of the students.

The students may benefit of the following types of mobility, individual or combined:

Study Mobility

For one semester or one academic year (minimum 60 day) at one of the university USAMV Cluj- Napoca has agreement with (the mobility is not possible otherwise). The maximum period a student can spend in a study mobility is 12 months/level of study and 24 for the students in veterinary medicine


Traineeship mobility within Erasmus+ Program is available for all the students enrolled at one of the study program in the university, regardless the level (undergraduate, master or PhD). In case of recent graduates, (available only for mobility with Program Countries UE and Turkey) the students must apply in the last academic year. Traineeship mobility may be one year long after graduation, maximum (cumulated period).

In the new program (2022-20227), we have two types of traineeship mobility:

  • long term mobility (minimum 60 days and maximum 12 months) – it is a physical mobility designed for all the students – undergraduate, master, PhD and recent graduate,
  • short time – minimum one month- for the PhD students this is a physical mobility. For all the other students who apply for this type of mobility they need to have also a virtual compound si that the minimum of two months is achieved

The traineeship mobility can take place at any public or private organizations (in EU member countries).

Combined mobility

A study mobility can also include a practical period. This kind of mobility can create links between the academic experience and the professional one. A combined mobility respects the financing rules related to the study mobility.

Financial support

The financial support the students receive is called “grant”, covers only parts of the costs abroad, is offered based on a subsistence rate given by UE and National Agency. The subsistence rate is calculated differently, depending on the country. The grant is transferred to the personal bank account of the students based on a financial contract.

For the students with fewer financial possibilities and for those who have social scholarship, they can benefit of a pop-up amount of 200EUR/month. Please contact the Erasmus+ Office for more information.

Eligibility criteria

  • The student has to be enrolled in one of the study program of the university, regardless ethnicity, citizenship, tax or budget, age or gender,
  • For the recent graduate, the student must be in the last year when applying (international students are not eligible for recent graduate`s traineeship),
  • The studend enrolled in the first year (undergraduate) will apply for a study mobility that starts only in the second year,
  • The students in the first year may apply for traineeship that starts before the second year,
  • To have foreign language knowledge.