Privacy Policy

Erasmus+ Office from University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Cluj-Napoca processes personal data of the students and academic staff who take part in the Programs managed by Erasmus+ Office, according to the Laws and rules referring to these aspects.

According to the (EU)2016/679 with reference to the people`s personal data protection, has the obligation to manage personal date given by you, in a safe way, and only for the specified aim(s), (name, surname, personal identification number, passport, ID numbers, image/photo, military status, bank account details, phone number/email address, profession, health status and all other data, established by the valid legislation).

Personal data are processed with the following aims:

  • to initiate and develop academic mobility between you and the beneficiary, in the sense of financial and academic grant agreements for study, traineeship, teaching or training mobility;
  • to make internal reports or reports to different authorities of the state, as legal obligations of the beneficiary,
  • to have statistics;
  • use it for different types of audits controls;
  • to be able to manage potential conflicts;
  • to insure the implementation of Erasmus+ Office`s internal rules.

We keep your personal data as long as they are needed for the aims mentioned, according to the Law and archive rules.

The participants must give personal data, otherwise the academic mobility is impossible to be developed. If the participants refuse to offer these data, Erasmus Office has no responsibility.

Your rights according to the (EU)2016/679 are:

  • the right to be informed on the way your personal data are processed;
  • the right to have access to your personal data;
  • the right to change your personal date;
  • the right to have the personal data erased from our system, except the situation when processing data is compulsory.