Teaching staff to member countries (EU including Serbia and Turkey KA 131 - 2021)

EU Mobility

Calendar for Outgoing Teaching Mobilities
  • Online application

    16.01.2023 (12:00 local time) - 05.02.2023

  • Application Review

    06.02.2023 - 09.02.2023

  • Partial results


  • Complaints

    11.02.2023 - 12.02.2023 Complaints form here

  • Final results


  • to work at USAMV Cluj-Napoca and to be didactic staff (full or associated)
  • to have the required language proficiency
  • involvement in promoting internationalisation and Erasmus+

  • participation in Erasmus+
  • content of teaching/training activity to be real, original, to respond the needs of internationalization, to have measurable results
Documents necessary for participants
What is the minimum period of mobility?

For teaching mobility in one of the Member Countries of the Program (EU countries including Serbia and Turkey) must be at least 2 days with no interruption.

How many hours do I have to teach?

For a teaching mobility there is a minimum of 8 hours (for a mobility of at least 2 days and maximum one week). For the mobilities longer than one week the number of teaching hours must be accordingly to the number of activity days

What is financial support?

The financial support is a grant, a lump sum composed of grant for subsistence and travel. The grant for subsistence is based on a daily rate and may differ depending on the destination country. It is established by the National Agency for each project. The grant for travel is calculated with the help of a distance calculator and represents the distance from the place of origin and destination, and the amount covers the financial support two ways. The maximum grant is established for each project by the university.

What is the proof of travel?

The proof of travel is a document witch confirms your travel and it can be: tickets (bus/train), boarding pass (airplane), etc. 

Participants travelling by their personal car must provide a declaration. 

Participants must submit the proof for travel. 

Do I get support for green travel?

Yes. If you use car-pooling/car-sharing please fill in this template after your mobility is confirmed. 

What do I need to after the mobility?

After the mobility is over the participant must submit an online survey and the certificate of attendance.

It is also highly recommended to promote your experience with students and fellow colleagues!

Who is not eligible to receive financial support from Erasmus+?

  • For travel – the participants who are already there and cover their expenses from other sources, those who don’t have travel days different from the activity days.
  • For subsistence – If the expenses are covered from other EU sources or there is no budget for the mobility.