Strategies regarding the valorization of horticultural and agricultural by-products as functional foods in the context of a circular economy

The general objective of the project is to develop a transnational partnership as well as joint initiatives for cooperation and exchange of good practices at EU level regarding the possibilities to recover the by-products rich in biologically active compounds from agriculture and horticulture and to include this matrix in functional foods obtained in other technologies (bread and pastry).

Also, the project aims to support the development, transfer and implementation of innovative practices in context of ‘circular economy‘. For this purpose, a curriculum and a course destined to specialists in agro-food technologies and nutrition will be accomplished.

These support materials will establish the cognitive skills and practical ability regarding:

  • the management of by-products resulted in wine-making technology, fruit/vegetable processing industry and beer industry
  • the possibilities to obtain functional foods (bakery and pastry products) with nutritional added value recommended in a healthy diet.

Moreover, the project aims to increase the training level of 10 specialists (2 from each partner) and of 72 MSc and PhD students (3 trainig x4 Institutions x 6 students) in the field of food technology and nutrition. Also, 4 4 multiplier events and 10 newsletter will contribute to disemination activities.


  • Universitatea De Stiinte Agricole Si Medicina Veterinara A Banatului Regele Mihai I Al Romaniei Din Timisoara
  • Universita Della Calabria
  • Eesti Maaulikool
  • Patronatul Roman Din Industria De Morarit, Panificatie Si Produse Fainoase Rompan
  • Universitatea De Stiinte Agricole Si Medicina Veterinara Cluj-Napoca

Team of the project at USAMV Cluj

Management: Prof. Dr. Adriana Paucean, Prof. Dr. Sevastita Muste

Tehnic staff: Prof. Dr. Sonia Socaci, Lecturer . Dr. Simona Maria Man, Asist prof dr. Maria Simona Chis, Lecturer. Dr. Anamaria Pop

Administrative: Dr. Simona Oros

Implementation period

31.12.2020 – 30.12.2022

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