For Outgoing Students

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General information

Within the Erasmus+ Program the students can benefit of the following types of mobility:

Eligible applicants

The student is enrolled in USAMV at one of the programs: undergraduate, master or PhD Program with
sufficient language knowledge. For recent graduates, the students must apply when they are in their last year of enrollment.

For all types of mobility (excluding the recent graduate) the students must be enrolled in the same program of study until the end of their Erasmus mobility.

Financial support

For both of mobility types, the students may benefit of EU funds as grant, amount based on subsistence rate, rate which may differ depending on country and type of mobility. In case of a grant zero level mobility (no financial support) all responsibility remain valid. Financial support is given based on the transparency rules, so that all students benefit of funds for one semester.

The grant is transferred to the personal student bank account, before the mobility starts (80%) and after the mobility is over (20%). The grant is received for the days of activity at the host university/organization
(excluding travel dates before and after the mobility). All students must upload in the platform proof of travel or accommodation contract.


Is made online (click on “Apply now”) within the Open Call announced.

Documents needed to apply

Useful information

  • Students with fewer opportunities benefit of top up grant.
  • All accepted students need to have Online linguistic support (OLA) done.
  • The results obtained within the mobility are automatically recognized by CRID.

Mobility checklist

The steps you need to take for a successful mobility.  Click on each tab to see what you need to do before, during and after the Erasmus Mobility.